So our church can’t meet all together right now and that’s a little disappointing, but there’s good news: Church has never been about the walls. What if church isn’t dependent on large groups of people being able to meet together? In fact, what if we told you that the times in history when the reach of the gospel has grown the most exponentially haven’t been times when the church has been able to gather, but the times when it hasn’t? What if it’s not all about where you go to church, but instead all about where you, as the church, go? While being the “Church Gathered” is what we’re most accustomed to, what if God wants to do something new and amazing and powerful, right now, through us, where we are, as the Church Scattered?

Join us in taking a look at the book of Acts, the story of God at work in and through the very first followers of Jesus.

Key Scriptures: Acts 1:1 – 14 | Acts 2:1 – 41 | Acts 2:42 – 47 | Acts 4:1 – 31 | Acts 4:32 – 37 | Acts 5:12 – 16 | Acts 8 | Acts 2:41, 47, 5:14 | Acts 14:8 – 28

Topics: Prayer, Action, Testimony, Generosity, Holy Spirit, Study of Scripture, Baptism

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