Jesus said to his first disciples “I am the way.” The first Christians were referred to as “followers of the way.” Christianity, at its essence, is more than a religion, it’s more than a belief system, it’s a way of life that leads to more life. Regardless of where you’re going or where you’ve been, Jesus invites you to follow him, to follow his way of living. Join us as we learn together how to follow the way of Jesus.

Key Scriptures: John 14:15-24, Isaiah 30:21, Matthew 4:12-17, Matthew 5:23-25, John 15:1-8, Matthew 6:5-13, 7:7-8, John 13:1-17, 34-35, Matthew 22:37-40, Matthew 5:44-46, Matthew 26:36-46, Luke 9:21-27

Topics: Discipleship, Jesus’ Commandments, Repentance, Forgiveness, Prayer, Service, Faith, Habits

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